Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’: A Tribute

Sam will never forget the quiet October evening in Petersham, NSW when Andy played her Jeff Buckley’s Grace for the first time. The haunting melodies, complex chord progressions, stark and honest poetry, and emotionally raw vocal performances all combine to place this incredible album well and truly in Sam & Andy’s top 5. It’s for this reason that they release their acoustic cover of Jeff Buckley’s title song ‘Grace’ and pay tribute to his memory and everything he gave us as an artist.

Recorded & Mixed by Sam Fitzpatrick at Steam Plough Studio, London

Edited & Directed by James Card

Cinematography by Daniel D. Moses

‘Sam & Andy’: A New Adventure

Last Friday we ventured out into country England to a field of buttercups under clear blue skies. The weather was ridiculous – after months of grey London skies it felt like we’d walked right into a Windows XP Desktop Theme. Equipped with Dan’s camera of wizardry, Lilly’sĀ ‘fringe watch’ comb and Andy’s most favouritest Gretsch Silver Falcon, we played some music, took some shots and didn’t stop laughing all day. Special thanks to the beautiful Lilly Hale forĀ coming on board last minute and bringing her lovely personality to the mix, and to our favourite farmer Hugh for the use of his dazzling field. Finally, to Dan – what can we say? You are, well and truly, ‘the man’. We can’t wait to share the results with you all very soon!

Sam & Andy x

Photoshoot Wrap